Emergency Tips

Familiarity with the indications and limitations of rescue airway devices is essential

When uncertain of the diagnosis, communicate this truthfully to the patient and indicate it in the final ED diagnosis

Before discharging a patient from the  ED , ask " Why did the patient come, and have I made the patient feel better?"

In the treatment of hyperkalemia , calcium chloride should only be used for a wide QRS ; it narrows the QRS but does not  lower the serum potassium.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm [ A A A ] can mimic renal colic.

  When hyponatremia is treated, Serum sodium should never be raised by more than 10-12 mEq/day to prevent the development  of central pontine myolysis

When formulating the differential diagnosis, ask " What is the most serious possible cause of this patient's presenting signs and symptoms?"